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Business First! vISP Testimonial

A vISP Testimonial From Business First!

"Leverage our assets. Realize your vision. Nothing more needs to be said, except that it’s true with Alliance Solutions.

Our vision was to be an Internet Service Provider (ISP) / Business Solution Partner (BSP) providing Internet services and access that also created “value” for our subscribers. But, not only did we have no experience in Internet Services and/or Internet Access, funding almost disappeared after the Dot Com’s crash! – The solution, a Virtual ISP (vISP).

To find the right vISP, we went through a formal Decision Analysis (DA), with over 50 vISPs evaluated. In almost every category, especially the “must haves” of our Decision Analysis, the winner was
Alliance Solutions. Therefore, save yourself the time and expense and partner with Alliance Solutions. OK, you might say they’re good on paper, but…

No, there is no “but…”, if you’re serious about becoming a virtual ISP, look no further –
Alliance makes it easy!

It’s so easy; all you have to due is your marketing! Now that’s leveraging
Alliance Solutions’ assets to realize your vision. I did, and I had no experience as an ISP!

I want to give special thanks to Carrie Jones, “Mr. Alliance Solutions,” for his out of the box solutions and timely help."

La Margo Washington, CEO
BusinessFirst! ISP



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