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Unison Network vISP Testimonial

A vISP Testimonial From Unison Network

"Fellow Netrepeneurs,

If you are looking for a vISP solution, let me save you some valuable research time.
Alliance Solutions is the gold standard by which others should (and will eventually) be judged. At every turn they have provided support and expertise that have exceeded my expectations, and enabled my company to realistically compete with the “big boys” in the ISP arena.

In a world where superlative service and support are oft promised but seldom delivered,
Alliance is a breath of fresh air.

Having previously owned a web development company in the past, I suffered through 11 different hosting companies in a little over 6 years, looking for a reliable hosting service that provided the essential tools and customer service that I needed.

I was looking for the following:

  • Great Customer Service and Support
  • Fair Price Without Hidden Charges
  • Cutting Edge Technology

The most I could get was two out of three!

It was with a profound sense of relief that I discovered

I had absolutely no margin for error in my selection of a vISP and I have never second guessed my decision to partner with
Alliance Solutions.

I had a tight budget and an even tighter schedule, yet
Alliance worked with me relentlessly to bring my vision to fruition.

Simply Stated, - Go with
Alliance Solutions, you’ll be glad you did or wish you had!"

Brett Adkins, President
The Unison Network



Alliance Solutions Inc. 238 Porterfield Gap Road, Minnesota. 55425 Tel. (952) 885-9400

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